AEG offered Michael Jackson estate $60 million for Las Vegas show

Larry Johnson sentenced in Las Vegas

With the headliner, you have a certain track record of how many tickets theyre going to sell but if you do a show based on Eltons music or Celines music, it depends on how good the show is, I guess, said Meglen referring to Elton John and Celine Dion, singers who have done extended runs at Las Vegas hotels. Meglen said that hearing that Cirque du Soleil was talking to the Jackson estate is what led AEG to make its pitch. He said they had a meeting with the estate’s co-executor, John Branca, in his conference room. Meglen said AEG did a “B-minus, C-plus pitch. In my opinion, they were already down the road and they wanted to do the show with Cirque. The Circue du Soleil tribute to Jackson is playing at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, with shows scheduled to open soon in China, Australia and New Zealand. Meglen said AEG never made Jackson an offer for a conceptual show while he was alive.


Michael Jackson | 1958-2009

Johnson was arrested Oct. 5 at a Bellagio hotel room. According to a police report, he and the woman had been drinking alcohol before the altercation, and the woman had marks on her face and bruises on her neck. Johnson had marks on his face that police attributed to the woman fighting him as he choked her. The woman told officers she passed out and awoke in the 10th floor hallway and knocked on doors until someone called hotel security. Johnson, who starred for the Kansas City Chiefs but most recently played for the Miami Dolphins in 2011, was arrested several times during his nine-year NFL career.



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